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About Us

Why choose Digital Webpros Direct?

DWPD started as a single blog with several “how to” articles. Those first article views helped us recognize the value of our content, and we started exploring ideas to expand. By bootstrapping our content, we created our first lead platform, which led to our first deal. Since that first deal in 2015, we’ve continued bootstrapping our experience to grow our services and customers. DWPD now offers a variety of products & services provided by experienced professionals. With our scrappy start, we’ve learned to provide quality solutions and keep costs extremely low by:

  • Using talented offshore development resources who are higher quality and yet lower cost
  • Leveraging open source solutions that are trusted, secure, and free
  • Focus on web & mobile interfaces to eliminate license costs
  • Streamline workflows so you can focus on your customers


Company Mantras:

  • “Treat the Customer as You want to be treated.”
  • “Understand the Customer and their needs, everything else is just servers and databases.”
  • “BDG members trust one another to look out for our Company and Customers.”
  • “People do business with people they like to do business with.”
  • “Improvise, adapt, overcome”