Club Markeing

There’s multiple packages available for Club Marketing.

Club marketing sets your customers up with a point tracking system for them to get rewards. It also includes email and text marketing to increase sales and keep your store on their minds.

Here are all the features that come with any package you choose:

  • Tablet & Stand with YOUR Brand
  • POS Integration (automatic integration with Vend, Square, Clover, C-Trax, etc.) *workaround available if your POS does not allow integration
  • Website integration (your customers can show in store and/or online)
  • Custom Rewards/Unlimited Campaigns
  • Automated Referral Text System (we automatically track who refers who and whether they come in to purchase or not)
  • Unlimited Customer Groups (tagging feature for targeting texts)
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Social Media Integration (integration with Yelp & Google Reviews, FB, Instagram & Twitter)
  • Auto Pilot (auto text swent 30,60, 90 days after inactivity with custom messages & offers)
  • Auto Pilot Birthday Rewards – our system will automatically text your customers on their birthday with a special reward
  • Text Scheduling Group & Individual Text Options
  • Targeted Text Options (send texts to your top spenders, your top visitors, or even target those who have not been in to shop in a while and get them back)
  • Random Rewards (use this feature to allow clients to “win” a special offer and this increases sales of particular items that they were not interested in)
  • Keyword sign up PLUS direct URL sign up (text “Shop” to 888-298-1209 to sign up)
  • Detailed Reporting
  • CRM – Hipaa compliant and allows you to keep a database of notes for each customer


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