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CakeBoot – Simple Customer Relation Management software

“CakeBoot is a secure framework for managing your customer and order database. We built CakeBoot on the CakePHP framework because of its proven reliability & security. For a small to medium operation with a simple workflow, CakeBoot has many advantages – namely cost”.

When we set out to create CakeBoot for our first client, we had these priorities in mind:

  • Easy to learn and understand app
  • Desktop and Mobile browser interface
  • Search, customer details, and invoice generation
  • Hosted on a reliable cloud platform with 100% uptime SLA
  • Full security compliance from user submission to invoice
  • Auto backup
  • Unlimited user accounts and bandwidth
  • A solution customized to your forms and customer workflow needs

Now that we’ve brought our first customer onboard, we are ready for our next customer. If you’ve been considering ZenDesk, FreshDesk, or Monday for your company CRM and have a simple workflow – consider CakeBoot.

Contact us to learn more about CakeBoot and to be added to our beta customer list.

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